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wishlist app

WISHLIST is the most common feature of any web store, Low cost WISHLIST app, Now your customers can email or share their WISHLIST with friends.

Wishlist features:

  • Wishlist for guest users
  • Ajax based working. to avoid page loads and refresh
  • Complete control over look and feel
  • Reports
  • View/ Manage wishlist
  • Works with Quick views
  • Daily report email
  • Support Variant Images
  • Email wishlist
  • Share Wishlist
  • View customer’s info


now in stock app

Send Automatic notifications to customers when product is back in stock, Customized Back in stock email, Reports to show products in demand.

Features for store customers:

  • Notifications emails send automatically when you add stock (inventory) in shopify admin.
  • Show availability date. To let customers know by when the product will be available.
  • See a list of products that are currently in demand
  • Customize the Stock notification email template
  • Can see a list of all the subscribers
  • Remove any subscriber if you want
  • Reports to show notifications sent


currency robo app

Automatically detect visitor's country and change prices into their local currency, Exchange rates updated hourly. 160 supported currencies, Low cost. Affordable must have app.

Currency Robo Features:

  • Automatically detect customer's location then auto switch to the currency of your customer.
  • Up to Date Exchange Rates from same provider as Shopify.
  • Currency exchange rates are updated hourly.Currency exchange rates are updated hourly.
  • Optional currency switcher drop-down
  • Currency switcher drop-down is fully customizable
  • Optional rounding of the converted prices
  • Correct currency format with currency symbols.



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